The Cathayan sand desert

This was the first interior illustration Richard and I did for an upcoming Earthdawn stuff. The book is called Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Gamemasters Guide, and there will be an other one called Players Guide. We made five illustrations for the game masters and five for the players. You can find a little art preview on Earthdawn Line Developer Carsten Damm's blog, and I'm gonna post other ones here, just keep in touch!

Welcome to the Sixth World

It's the Sixth World Almanac street day today!

It should be out and about, with it’s detailed timeline, writeups of nearly 40 nations, and full-color poster-sized world map!

What was the VITAS outbreak like for the people who were there? What was Renraku Arcology—and its operating software—like before it became a total nightmare? How does it feel to get off a plane and set foot in the ghoul kingdom of Asamondo?

The Sixth World Almanac is the ultimate compendium of Sixth World energy, history, and geography. With the most detailed timeline in Shadowrun’s history and write-ups of nearly forty major nations, this book immerses players and gamemasters in the Sixth World deeper than they have ever been.

The Almanac is full of Shadowrun firsts, including the first-ever full-color map of the entire Sixth World and new fiction covering historic eras that have never been detailed in past sourcebooks. Open the Almanac and fall into the Sixth World—let the art, the maps, and the writing bring you more completely into one of the most exciting, enduring role-playing settings of all time!

Cover art by Echo Chernik