All Hell!
The diplomats have failed. The tensions have only grown worse. Each side has pushed the other too far, so there’s nothing left to do but fight. At the border of Aztlan and Amazonia, war has broken out. The streets of Bogotá are being pummeled, mercenaries are being hired and killed in approximately equal numbers, and blood is being spilled in dark rooms to give strength to mages on the battlefield. Most importantly, runners are being hired by the score.
War! puts Shadowrun players into the world of open combat. From sabotage missions behind enemy lines to intelligence operations to small-squad mercenary tactics, War! provides the background information, gear, and rules players need to plunge into the chaos of battle.

I made two black & white illustrations for this book. This is one of them: Dragonfly drones.


Deng Nong

"The deng nong are gargantuan herbivores that hail from the land of Indrisa. Already domesticated when they were brought to Cathay, they resemble large oxen with third horns protruding from their snouts. They can grow to sizes of over 35 feet long and nearly 20 feet tall."

An illustration Richard Vass and I made for the Earthdawn sourcebook Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Gamemasters Guide.