The arts student

Another character concept for the cutout-style animated series Golden Monkey. The model was the actress Patricia Kovacs.


Rooftop Meal

Description: A pack of gargoyles gathers around the indistinct remains of a meal on the rooftop of a social housing project, covered in graffiti and pockmarked with age. One of the gargoyles in the foreground is tearing the meat that’s still attached to the shoulder joint of a cyberlimb.

Earlier gargoyle illustrations by Jim Nelson
(from the Critters and Paranormal Animals of North America sourcebooks)

Some gargoyles - just for inspiration

The sketch

I received this comment from the Shadowrun development team about the sketch : "One might have a blunt canine snout, another a leonine aspect, and a third might have a beak, instead of a mouth. Essentially, gargoyles resemble the traditional statuary. Just as most examples of the statues look substantially different, it’d be great if these did as well."

The final illustration from the Shadowrun - Running Wild sourcebook


Running Wild is out!

"Great news people! We have a street date for Running Wild, your guide to everything that’s crittierific! So what’s the date, you ask? It’s - now. Right now. As in, there are copies sitting at lots of FLGSs! So go out and get one! Need a little more info? Well, check out the preview, and get a hint of the vast world of critters, spirits, AIs, and other predators that are waiting to be thrown into your game."
(Jason Hardy on Shadowrun4.com)


Neue Ufer

I painted this cover for the Heredium novel 'Neue Ufer' by Andreas Schnell. The publisher is 13Mann Verlag: their product is the roleplaying game Rolemaster, too, I have been illustrating for a year.


The eyecandy

And now for something completely different... In 2008 I made some character concepts for a proposed cutout-style animated series called Golden Monkey. The model for this very decorative girl was the actress Lilla Labancz.

Dark chick No. 2

Another NMoF painting from 2004. You can see its modified version in the Toron handbook. The model for this painting was the Spanish goth model and artist Enaer Mara Cort├ęs.


Iblogh 02

Poisonous tongues and tendrils, needle-sharp teeth, color-changing skin, luminous lizardy eyes, and a bottomless stomach: the fatty bastard in full splendour.


Iblogh 01

My first quickies for the disgusting, fungus-like, poisonous, hangdog, and certainly man-eater vault monster.



An amund scarab sarcophagus. There is a very dangerous man-eating giant scarab hiding in the hole beneath the faces. And some smaller, too. Unfortunatelly the concept is unfinished, it was just a promising idea.


Amund scarab monster 02

More golden scarab monster concepts.

Amund scarab monster 01

Concepts for the misadventurous M.A.G.U.S. game "Seventh Age". I tried to design a giant, man-eating scarab monster for the evil, inhuman, Egyptian-like people of the desert called amunds.


Dark chick evolution

I painted this girl (and some other stuff) for the M.A.G.U.S. handbook "Toron" in 2004, but the project was cancelled. In that year I was voted among The New Masters of Fantasy artists with this illo - then the years passed and it just slept in a box. The book was finally released in 2008, when I changed and redrew the picture because we rather preferred this darker, only black and white style. I created these wallpapers for the promotion of the handbook:

Sizes: 800 x 600, 1024 x 768, 1280 x 1024.