The King's Peace

Cover art for the novel "The King's Peace" by Jo Walton. This book is the next part of the "MasterWorks" series from Delta Vision, the artwork is a collaboration with Richard Vass.

© Peter Tikos & Richard Vass © 2013 Delta Vision



Illustration for the Hungarian tattoo, art, and lifestyle magazine Tat2Max. It's the original version: in the magazine you can find her twin sister with panties and without nipples.


Rugged Explorer

Illustration for the upcoming expansion of the Call of Cthulhu LCG by Fantasy Flight Games.

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games

A Song of the Sea

Andrik the Unsmiling and a Starfall Skirmisher: two illustrations I made for Fantasy Flight Games some months ago for their card game "A Game of Thrones". You can find them among the cards of "A Song of the Sea" chapter packs.

© 2012 Fantasy Flight Games