Rododa whatsits

An illustration from the Toron sourcebook, and the sketch I did in 2004. They'are the weird Toronian rododa actors. Or actresses, who knows.


Shifter Brawl

You can find this illustration in the Shadowrun sourcebook Running Wild. This is a collaboration with Catalyst's art director Brent Evans. Brent is not just a great art director but an accomplished artist, it was a honor to finalize his ideas.


Hurakan, part 3

This is the sketch for the part 3 of the D&D challenge "Hurakan, the god of storms". You can read the description here.
Step one: silhouettes.
Step two: character thumbnails.
D&D senior art director Jon Schindehette on my thumbs and on my b&w sketch: here and here.


Forsaken Land

The ruins of an ancient Kyrian building in the tainted Forsaken Land. A concept by me, and a beautiful render by my ex-collegue Krisztián Szádóczki aka "Wolverine".


Sea goblin

This little guy is one of my favourites. Unfortunatelly I had no possibilities to work out this undersea people. You can see some steps of their evolution below.

Great Khan Shikan

The omnipotent leader of the nomad hordes. Illustration for the M.A.G.U.S. collectible card game "Chosen Ones".


Bear hunting

Sketch and finished(?) artwork, made for the forthcoming M.A.G.U.S. sourcebook.


Toronian infantry

The dark empire's ordinary soldiers in the unfinished M.A.G.U.S. game "Seventh Age". We used this concepts when we designed the Toronian army for the Toron sourcebook:


The taxi driver

Another character concept for the cutout-style animated series Golden Monkey. The model was the actor Peter Scherer.


Description: A Wendigo and a Dzoo-noo-qua wrestling over a tasty morsel of human flesh, claws locked in combat. Possibly have ghouls watching on, crouched in the shadows.

The sketch for the Running Wild illustration. Click here for the finished one.


The hag

The... uhh... so it's an other character concept for the cutout-style animated series Golden Monkey. The model was the actress Iren Psota.