Rooftop Meal

Description: A pack of gargoyles gathers around the indistinct remains of a meal on the rooftop of a social housing project, covered in graffiti and pockmarked with age. One of the gargoyles in the foreground is tearing the meat that’s still attached to the shoulder joint of a cyberlimb.

Earlier gargoyle illustrations by Jim Nelson
(from the Critters and Paranormal Animals of North America sourcebooks)

Some gargoyles - just for inspiration

The sketch

I received this comment from the Shadowrun development team about the sketch : "One might have a blunt canine snout, another a leonine aspect, and a third might have a beak, instead of a mouth. Essentially, gargoyles resemble the traditional statuary. Just as most examples of the statues look substantially different, it’d be great if these did as well."

The final illustration from the Shadowrun - Running Wild sourcebook

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