Jiu Tou Niao

"The jiu tou niao is a savage beast, so rare that most Cathayans believe it is only a myth designed to scare children. This creature appears as a 12-foot tall bird of prey with a 24-foot wingspan and nine heads attached to long, sinewy necks. The jiu tou niao is an excellent hunter, feasting on a wide variety of creatures, though it isn’t above scavenging. However, the favorite meal of the jiu tou niao is Namegiver flesh, especially the flesh of Namegiver children."

Well, it seems it's a pretty badass birdy... Another illustration Richard and I made for the upcoming Earthdawn sourcebook Cathay: The Five Kingdoms Gamemasters Guide.


Rich C said...

Beautiful work, the design works very well :)

Peter Tikos said...

Thank you very much, Rich.